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I’ll admit it – when anyone told me they workout at home with minimal equipment, I did an internal eye roll thinking, “You can’t get a serious workout done and truly make changes to your physique that way.”

Once I was cleared to workout again after having my baby, I was determined to get back into the gym 5-6 days each week. Yes, Moms, I know you’re all laughing at that sentence.

Now I get it. It truly feels impossible to get to the gym on a regular basis with a newborn—or kids of any age for that matter, I’m sure! My gym is a six-minute walk from my front door, and I STILL can’t get there. So, I invested in some basic home equipment: PowerBlocks, a pull-up bar, medicine ball, BOSU ball, a small weighted sled for pulling/pushing across the lawn or down the street and a 6’ FitnessMat. Now, I have been killin’ it in the backyard!

I take back ALL of my internal eye rolls. You can absolutely get an intense workout done at home with basic equipment and make great strides with your physique. I still can’t give up heading to the gym once or twice each week for my date with the squat rack (maybe that will be my next splurge for the garage!), but my workouts at home have been awesome.

For my sample arm workout,

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