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Sir Mix-A-Lot approves of doing side bends and sit-ups – but that doesn’t mean your tummy will become flat if you do them.

I’ve got news for you – the ONLY way to get a flat stomach is through a healthy diet and the CORRECT abdominal exercises. A thousand crunches will not get you there.

Most people focus on the rectus abdominis when training abs. This muscle is the most superficial – it runs down the front of your torso and is your visual “six pack abs.” While it is important to train this along with all other core and abdominal exercises for proper core strength and stability (and to look awesome) – it is actually NOT the way to flatten your stomach.

The one you want to focus on is your transverse abdominis. This is your deepest of all abdominal muscles and wraps around your stomach & spine horizontally. It is the one responsible for pulling in and “tightening up” the lower abs. When it is weak (this happens with age and/or during pregnancy as your belly expands), your lower belly will “pooch” out. Specific and consistent transverse abdominis exercises will help pull everything back tight again and get you on your way back to a six pack!

For my four favorite exercises for working this muscle – you can do all of them in one workout or add a few into your workouts throughout the week!

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