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We all have aspirations and goals that we want to crush, but time and time again life happens, we fall off the wagon and our goals are pushed to the side. They were SUPER motivating to us before, and we really wanted to succeed, so what happens? It seems like life has a habit of getting in the way of good things we want for ourselves, but to make sure you’re achieving your goals, you need to come up with a plan.

Find Your Why

Goals rarely come without a why. What is the reason you are wanting to find a stronger, healthier version of yourself? Really, the motivation aspect varies from woman to woman- I know you’re all in different stages of your lives. But your why is what is going to drive you to get yourself to the gym and kill your workouts even when you would rather cozy up on the couch and binge watch Netflix. It’s what is going to help you keep your macros on track when you’re fighting those cravings. Find your why, make sure it matters to you, and you are way more likely to follow through.


WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN! Something about writing things down makes them more real and seeing them on paper can help you make your goals a reality. Lots of my Jessie’s Girls have workout journals and log their workouts, meals, and measurements and it could also be a place where you write down those goals so you can open that workout log and see what you’re striving for every single day. S.M.A.R.T is a simple acronym that can help you create a detailed plan to set you up for goal smashing success:


First, our goals must be specific. Ask yourself questions like “What do I want to accomplish?” “Why is this goal important to me?” “How am I going to achieve this goal?” Be specific so you know exactly what you have to do to reach your goal.


How will you measure your progress? Having a way to track your progress will help keep you motivated and help keep you on track. For example, saying that you want to increase your squat is very vague compared to saying that you want to increase your squat by 45 pounds in 10 months. Having that measurement can help keep you on track day to day while working towards that specific goal!


Is your goal achievable? Think about any barriers you might come across that may make it hard for you to stay on track. Is it almost busy season at work? Does soccer practice and dance class start soon, taking up your evenings and testing your super-mom capabilities? Once you have your list of potential barriers, think of a few ways that you can maneuver around those to help stay committed to your goals.


I always say you can achieve anything you put your mind to, and I truly do believe that. But is this goal realistic for you and where you are at in your life right now? Reach for the stars and set yourself up for success.


Goals are dreams with a deadline. Setting a timely goal while achieving smaller milestones within that goal will help you stay on track. Give yourself a specific date that you want to achieve your goal. Light that fire within yourself and visualize yourself reaching that goal by a certain time frame.

Stepping Stones to Success

Now, it’s time for an action plan. With every why comes a how. What often derails someone from fulfilling a goal is that they have a long term goal in mind, and it’s realistic and awesome, but it’s just that. A long term goal. Along with the long term goals, set short term goals as well. They will be the stepping stones that keep you on track to smashing your goals. That way, you won’t lose steam trying to get to your long term goals.

Talk, ladies!

Talk about your goals! So many times we keep our aspirations and goals quiet, afraid of what others will say or think about them. But the trick is to talk to the right people – those who will support you and encourage you on your journey. They can also hold you accountable and help push you when you feel like giving up. And hey, maybe the person holding you accountable can get in on a little goal action for themselves. You could be a help to someone else who is trying to fulfill a goal that they have, too!

Consistency is Key

Stay consistent! You will see the most progress in your goals when you stay consistent with it! What helps you do this? Plan plan plan. Make to-do lists, write in a journal, pre-plan for the week so that you know what’s ahead of you. It can only help in the long run!

I want to see my Jessie’s Girls succeed and smash goals! I totally understand falling off of the wagon and losing steam. It happens, but I want to give you the tools you need so that it doesn’t happen, or that it doesn’t happen as often. If there’s anything I understand, it’s that life happens and it can interfere with the things we want and need for ourselves. And it’s important to keep that in mind so you can use the tools I’ve given you, so that when life is trying to kick you in the ass, you can kick right back and totally crush the goals you’ve set for yourself. It probably won’t come as easily as you’d like, but really nothing worth having ever does.

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