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Early in my pregnancy (as well as before I discovered I was pregnant), I was always so inspired by super fit, pregnant mamas posting on social media their pull-ups, burpees, 10Ks, squats and deadlifts all the way through their final days of carrying their bundle of joy.

I just knew that would be me!

It has been…sometimes. But not often. Truth is…(and I’ve mentioned it many times before in this column)…I’m TIRED. And my body hurts. And in month 9, I’m uncomfortable and awkward.

Now, with only 3 weeks left in my pregnancy, I think back to my 2nd trimester days and wish I still had that energy! But, I’m totally okay with taking these final weeks to relax, enjoy my quiet time and have 2-3 weight training sessions in the gym.

I haven’t done a single burpee during my pregnancy nor have I jogged (I’m not a runner or jogger). But, I didn’t train that way prior to becoming pregnant, so I didn’t feel the need (nor is it safe) to start anything new just to stay in shape during my pregnancy. I just kept my pre-pregnancy training up as much as possible and that has led to an amazing, fit and healthy pregnancy!

Do YOUR Best

I promised I would keep it real with you, and I have stayed true to that. My fit pregnancy articles with FitnessRx for Women have ranged from park workouts with my husband to yoga to awesome lifting sessions in the gym. I write each week about exactly what I’m going through at that stage—even if doing walking lunges in the grass was the most I could give for that day! I’ve been doing MY best and doing what I can, and that’s all you need to do! The worst thing you can do is to give up and give in and not exercise or eat right. Put the work in now, and you will have so much less work to do after the baby arrives!

This week, I’m feeling great and was able to get three weight training sessions in. I combined muscle groups throughout the week to make sure I hit each body part (minus abs) that I wanted to train. Always choose low impact exercises that don’t compromise perfect form, safety or your balance.

To compliment my three weight training sessions and keep up with my endurance (it will be much needed during labor and delivery!), I make sure to get outdoors and go for 20-30 minute walks a few times per week. Low impact cardio such as walking or swimming feel great right now, are very safe and don’t put any pressure or stress on the body.

Stretching is also a huge factor as you prepare for labor and delivery. Find a great prenatal yoga class you love or, at a minimum, dedicate time for stretching several times per week.

For this week’s back and shoulder workout,

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