Stand Up With Jessie

This past October my Jessie’s Girls and I set out to kick cancer’s ass. For the entire month – the Jessie’s Girls Home Edition Training Program was 20% off. In addition, 20% of the proceeds from that sale were donated to a non-profit organization in my home state of Nevada, Moms On The Run, that helps pay for the everyday needs of women who are in treatment for cancer. I asked you to #STANDUPWITHJESSIE and I am so proud and honored to say that with your help, we raised $1,664.00!! Many of my Jessie’s Girls are directly affected by breast cancer – making this an issue very close to my heart. I was so touched when I heard my girls’ stories. Some of you are survivors, some lost a parent, some have/had a friend or sibling affected by cancer. Whatever your story may be – I heard them loud and clear and send my love to you and your loved ones. I wanted to raise cancer awareness while supporting my Jessie’s Girls’ fitness journeys – and you ladies proved that together we can make a difference. Thank you all so much for helping me support this amazing organization. With 1 in 8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, it is my hope that with the help and support of people around the world… we can become one step closer to finding a cure!

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